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Why Titan Smart Watch?

Health Tracker

The watch also has a boatload of sensors to track every fitness and health-related statistics that a user might need. It can track St levels accurately, which is new for a tag on Smartwatch.

The 24/7 heart rate tracking works well too. The watch can also track sleep and award a sleep score calculated based on the amount of time spent in light sleep, deep sleep, rapid eye movement, sleep, and the number of times the user woke up in the middle of the sleep cycle.

The watch also keeps track of the stress levels of the user by checking for it every 15 minutes. Stress shows up in the form of four different levels. Relaxed, normal, medium and high. Apart from this, 14 different workouts can be easily tracked by the watch, evenly divided amongst indoor and outdoor activities.

The Titan Smart can also keep track of the menstrual cycle, locate the phone if it’s lost, and offer a daily dose of mindfulness with the breath app on the watch for the users who have to click their pictures or record videos of themselves. The watch can also work as a shutter button for the camera and on top of all of this, the Titan Smart lasts and increases 14 days on a single charge.

The Titan Smart is an excellent and simple smartwatch with a host of features and upgrades, and it’s priced well too at 8995.


So if a user is looking to buy a great Smartwatch with a premium build and smart features, the Titan Smart will be our recommendation.

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