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Gaming In Redmi 11T 5G

Redmi Note 11T5G | Specifications

Redmi Note 11T5G | Specifications

Redmi Note 11T5G | Specifications

After launching a considerable number of different Redmi Note Ten series, it seems Xiaomi is now ready to move on.

The brand has launched the Redmi Note Eleven T Five G in the market, which is actually the successor of the the most recently launched Redmi Note Ten T Five G.

So with a new chip and minor tweaks is the Redmi Note Eleven T Five G, the phone that can make you upgrade. Redmi Note 11T5G | Specifications

We find out with the Redmi Note Ten series, Xiaomi has really upped its design game.

While the Note Ten phones had a very distinct look, the Redmi Note Eleven T Five G fails to stand up from the crowd and has a very basic look.

Nevertheless, the phone is not bad looking. It just isn’t cut from the new Note design cloth.

Redmi Note 11T5G | Specifications

Redmi Note 11T 5G Grip

Redmi Note 11T 5G Grip The back is plastic, and unlike in some other devices, Xiaomi seems to have made no attempt whatsoever to make it look anything else but plastic.

The grainy textured carbonate back has a color gradient finish, which means the color on the top transitions into different colors, depending on the angle of the light.

That said, the slightly rough back provides a good grip and keeps the phone from picking up smudges and scratches easily.

The phone is slightly heavier at 195 grams, but Xiaomi has still managed to keep it relatively slim.

Refresh Rate Redmi Note 11T 5G

At eight point 75, the device’s front is dominated by a six six inch full HD plus LCD display with a 90 Hz refresh rate. The display is routine as it comes with thin bezels around Dons a punch hole notch in the top middle and is protected by gorilla glass. Three.

Even though the Redmi Note Eleven T Five G comes with an LCD display that may not be fancy enough for the Ammo Led crowd, it reproduces sharp colors and deep contrast.

It also has what Xiaomi calls a sunlight display, making it especially readable under harsh bright light.

The dual speakers are the cherry on the top, delivering some loud and very clear sound and also adding an element of surround sound.

There is a Three Five audio Jack at the base as well, while an infrared Port sits on the top.

The Redmi Note Eleven T Five G is a midsegment device, and its spec sheet says the same.

The Mediatech Dimensity 810 processor powers the phone, which is definitely a step up from its predecessor.

This is then paired with eight GB Ram. Not only can the storage on the phone be expanded up to a massive one TB by using a microSD card, but even the Ram on the phone can be increased temporarily using the Ram booster mode.

The Redmi Note Eleven T Five G can easily handle your everyday needs in terms of performance. You can scroll endlessly on social media chat for hours, or hop from one app to the other, and the phone will match you every step of the way.

Gaming In Redmi 11T 5G

In addition, the phone can handle casual games with ease which is a given, but it can in no way be called a gaming boss because high end games can only be played if you turn the settings down.

Much like its predecessor, the Redmi Eleven T Five G also comes with five G on board, with support for seven bands, as well as on both Sims. Even though Five G is yet to make its way to India, it’s always good to have a future ready phone coming to optics.

The Redmi Note Eleven T Five G back might suggest that it comes with at least four cameras, but the actual story is quite different.

Camera Redmi 11T 5G Camera

The device comes with a 50 MP primary sensor, which is supported by an eight MP ultrawide camera.

The pair of cameras on the back of the Redmi Note Eleven T Five G can capture some really good pictures in well lit conditions, even though the slightest bit of saturation creeps into pictures in broad daylight.

The amount of details the cameras deliver is quite impressive. The main sensor works for the details, but the eight MP sensor widens the horizon, allowing you to capture more, albeit at the cost of detail.

The smartphone comes with a 16 MP front facing sensor for selfies and video calls, and it can capture some really good selfies.

Battery For Redmi 11T 5G

One of the biggest highlights of the Redmi Eleven G Five G is its massive 5000 Mah battery that the phone brings to the table.

As a result, the phone can easily last a day and a half of normal to heavy issue usage. It also comes with support for fast charging and is bundled with a 33 Watt charger in the box. Priced at Rs15,999.

The Redmi Note Eleven G Five G does seem competitively, speck and priced when you bring Five G into the equation, but that apart.

The phone doesn’t bring any out of the ordinary specs or features to this price range, making it just one of the phones in this segment.

But that said, this definitely is the Redmi Note to go for if you want a Redmi Note with all the futuristic goodness of five.

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