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Easy Phone For Senior Citizen

Easy Phone For Senior Citizen

Most of the world agrees on the fact that buying a phone for your child isn’t a great idea. That said, most parents know that the best way to stay in touch with their children is through technology, and a phone certainly is the best mode of communication that parents can use.

There are phones now in the market that are featureless frills, free and nonsmart that both children and aged citizens can use. Senior World, a niche gadget maker, is pitching the Easy Phone Star as India’s first phone that’s designed especially for children.

Best Phone For  Children’s 

We look at some of the stylish features it has to offer and answer if it’s any good. Starting with the design, Easyphonestar is a lightweight device with four large sized keys that can be configured to speed dial specified family members and are indeed customized with their stick on pictures.

The phone has been designed, keeping in mind young children so the design is easy and uncomplicated. While most devices offer parental controls via software, the Easy Phone Star has maternal control at the tackle level.

On the right side, there’s a button to spark the flashlight while on the left side there’s a volume rocker and a button to lock the device. Turning the device over reveals the dedicated red SOS button, which is so big that it’s hard to miss when this SOS button is put into action. The mobile phone on its own, dials up to three numbers of the five most frequently spoken to numbers from the prefigured contact list. In addition, the phone sends GPS position with the help of a message and gives out a loud silent to warn people passing in.

GPS Enabled 

In addition, you can also use GPS, so as a parent, you can get your child’s location whenever you want. In most smartphones, you can limit the screen time and also have an option to run down them. In the case of Easy Phone Star, however, the settings are controlled only by the parent and the child has no way to change them. Also, these settings can be changed through the website or the Care to Touch app, but not from the device itself. You can also enter various other features from the app, like the Discrete Listening point, which allows parents or Guardians to hear to what’s befalling in their child surroundings. This is particularly useful when a child is being taken care of by a member of the staff of the house.

Parents can indeed set a don’t disturb time to help their kids from being disturbed during study time. Perhaps the most salient point is confined calling, which, as the name suggests, allows calls to and from only a named group of people. This ensures that the child can be connected only to people known to their parents, grandparents, or musketeers. Since it’s a point phone, it lasts longer than a traditional smartphone. The battery stays long enough and the phone charges via a charging wharf.

The only complaint we’ve is poor build quality, and it feels like it can be broken fluently. Priced At Rs3499 Ez Phone has designed the device from the ground up as a security tool further than a community break tool, and it delivers on thatpromise.

However, also this bitsy feature phone adds a new dimension to keep track of them when they’re fro, If you consider safety as the biggest concern for your children.

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