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Best Window ACs In 2022 Under 30K

Windows ACs For home


  • Window AC Easy To Install
  • 5 Star, Annual Energy Consumption : 1180.00 kWh
  • Quick Cooling and Wide Coverage 
  • Refrigerant gas: R32 no ozone depletion potential



It’s a great Energy Savings, Better Air Throw, Good Quality of air with PM 2.5 Filtration and Built in Temperature Indicators for the models.

Included in the box: 1 Window Unit, 1 Remote Controller, User Manual, Warranty Card

Breathe Clean Air

Applying advanced technologies that truly make life better, we live by an unparalleled commitment to product quality.

Panasonic designs its products to be user friendly so our customers can use them for a long time with confidence.

Powerful Mode

The Powerful Mode in Panasonic Air Conditioners cools your room faster the moment you switch on your air conditioner. Enjoy cooling comfort instantly, even on the hottest day in summer.

Dry Mode

The air-conditioner in dry mode acts as a dehumidifier by removing moisture from the indoor air. Dry Mode function can be used during the rainy days when the moisture level is high.

PM 2.5 Filter

The future of healthy & comfortable cooling, with Panasonic Air Conditioners that are equipped with the PM 2.5 Filter to provide dust free, clean air by removing the PM 2.5 particles in the air.

100% Copper Condenser

Enjoy life long comfort with Panasonic AC that feature 100% pure copper coils for faster heat transfer and resistance to corrosion. Panasonic designs its products to be user friendly so our customers can use them for a long time with confidence.

Blue Fin Condenser

Panasonic air conditioners come with Blue Fin Condenser, an extra anti-corrosive coating. This prevents leakage & protects the copper tubing.

Feather Touch Control

The control panel on the air conditioners have been specially designed keeping the user needs in mind . Easily control key functions of the air conditioner with the Feather Touch Control Panel. Even Check Out Panasonic Slit ACs.- Click Here


  • Economical & easy to install : Windows AC
  • Energy Rating: 5 star – Annual Energy Consumption (as per energy label):1161.16units
  • Special Features: dust_filter
  • Refrigerant gas: R32 – Environmental friendly – no ozone depletion potential

Budget Window AC For Home In Your



Included in the box: For Windows AC: One AC Unit, Remote Control, User manual, Warranty Card. Dimension(66*43*77cms), IDU Weight 60(kg)

High Efficiency Rotary Compressor

Engineered with “High-Energy Efficiency Rotary Compressor”, with a built-in accumulator, the compressors in Blue Star Air Conditioners are designed to enhance cooling performance at low energy consumption levels, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

100% Copper

Blue Star air conditioner’s outdoor units are 100% copper, precisely designed to ensure maximum efficiency of the cooling system.

Comfort Sleep

Intelligently senses variation in indoor temperatures and adjusts the same automatically, to keep you comfortable through the night.

Anti-Freeze Thermostat

The anti-freeze thermostat on the indoor coil is a safety feature. It stops the compressor when the unit is set at a very low temperature and runs in cool mode. 


Blue Star’s Air Conditioners are programmed with a unique ‘Self-diagnosis’ feature that alerts you of a fault in operation immediately.

Blue Evaporator Fins 

Blue Star’s Superior Hydrophilic Blue Evaporator Fins ensure that air conditioners do not condensate water that accumulates, reducing deposits of dust, rendering unhindered cooling performance.


  • Lloyd Window AC with Non-Inverter Compressor: Easy to Install
  • Energy Rating: 5 Star, Annual Energy Consumption: 1141.03.
  • Special features: Clean Air Filter
  • R32 Refrigerant has been used which is environment friendly and has “No Ozone Depletion Potential” and “Low Global Warming Potential”

Best Window ACs In 2022 Under 30K



Included in the Box: AC Unit, Remote & Batteries, User Manual, Dimension (L x B x H) in cm: 77.0 x 66.0 x 43.0 having 59.0 kg net weight.

LED Display, Self-Diagnosis Function, Auto Restart (On restoration of power), Strong Dehumidification, Remote Controlled Operation, Easy Installation and Usage.

Strong Dehumidification

The strong dehumidification unit alternatively operates in cooling mode or fan mode and ensures effective dehumidification without lowering the room temperature.

Auto Restart

On restoration of power after a sudden power failure, the AC will restart automatically and will operate based on the previous setting.

Self-Diagnosis Function

The Self Diagnosis function helps chips to detect errors and display it on the LEDs of the indoor unit and simultaneously energize the protect function of the AC.

Blue Fin Condenser Coil

Hydrophilic Aluminum Fins keeps condenser safe from rust. This Increase Life of Condenser Coil.

LED Display

The Intelligent central digital dynamic LED display indicates the operation status vividly. This smart feature makes use of technology user smart and friendly.

100% Copper

Bring home Lloyd’s ACs with 100% copper that helps in fast flow of refrigerant, that has a better rate of heat transfer than conventional coils, can withstand high-pressure, is resistant to corrosion, has long term durability, and has low maintenance cost.

Remote Controlled Operation

Life made even easier with smart & easy to use remote control.


  •  Economical and easy to install Windows AC with inverter compressor.
  • Energy Rating: 5 Star. Best in class efficiency. Annual energy consumption: 1106.26 units.
  • Special features: DUAL inverter
  •  LG ThinQ (Wi-Fi) Voice Control (Works with Alexa, Google Assistance)



DUAL inverter; 4 way_air_circulation; Digital display (LED); Top Air Discharge, LG ThinQ (Wi-Fi) Voice Control (Works with Alexa, Google Assistance), Low Gas Detection, Stabilizer Free Operation (145V~290V)

If you are looking for brand of trust then definitely you can go for this awesome brand as its best Windows ACs For home

Dual Inverter Compressor

Dual Inverter Compressor with Varied Speed Dual Rotary Motor has a wider rotational frequency which saves more energy along with higher speed cooling range than conventional compressors. This ensures that our Dual Inverter ACs cool faster, last longer and run quieter.


Easily monitors and control the Air Conditioner at anytime and from anywhere. Start or stop cooling, change the mode or set the temperature while on the go.

100 % Copper

It provide exceptional durability for the air conditioner in typical Indian regions affected from sand, salt, industrial smoke & pollutants.

Clean Filter Indicator


  • Suitable for medium sized rooms.
  • 5 Star AC Annual Consumptions  1199.87 Kilowatt Hours.
  • Auto off/on timer
  • High ambient working upto 50 degree C


Noise Level 

‎58 dB Bit noisy

Capacity: 1.5 Ton. Suitable for medium sized rooms 150 SQ Ft ;

Other Convenience Features: LCD Remote, Auto Fan Speed, Energy Saver Mode, Dry Mode, Turbo Mode, Temperature display, Auto off/on timer, Auto Swing mode, Auto Restart, High ambient working up to 50 degree C with Anti corrosion Coating (Blue)

Bit Expensive As in this budget we get some great products.


  • Economical & easy to install Windows AC
  • Capacity: 1 Ton – Suitable for small sized rooms (110 sq ft)
  • Energy Rating : 5 Star, Annual Energy Consumption : 797.33 kWh
  • Quick Cooling and Wide Coverage , Energy Savings ,Better Air Throw, Good Quality of air with PM 2.5 Filtration



‎Included in the box: 1 Window Unit, 1 Remote Controller, User Manual, Warranty Card. Overall Dimension : 71(L),66(B),43(H); Product Weight : 47 Kg.

Windows ACs For home This is the best for your choice and in your budget as well.

Breathe in Clean Air

Equipped with advanced technology, Panasonic Air Conditioners provide superior cooling in a natural way and come with extraordinary benefits pertaining to quality air, energy-saving.

4D Cooling

With the 4D Air Flow cooling , cool every corner of your room with the 4D Swing Settings.

Our technology is our Legacy

Panasonic prides itself as a brand that genuinely understands quality.


Control your Air Conditioner with a click of a button. Set Timers conveniently for a peaceful midnight sleep.

Energy Saving 

Come with extraordinary benefits pertaining to quality air, energy-saving, durability and premium design ensuring enhanced overall performance.

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