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Best vacuum cleaner under 5000

How to choose a vacuum cleaner?

With over a thousand different types of vacuum cleaners sold in India, it is sometimes hard to pick the right vacuum cleaner. Different types of vacuum cleaners are specific to different types of cleaning tasks. Some common types of vacuum cleaners are backpack vacuums, wide area vacuums, wet/dry vacuums and upright vacuums. When purchasing a vacuum cleaner most people choose upright units. Upright vacuums have been available for over decades and are the most versatile for home use.

When purchasing an upright vacuum cleaner it is important to choose the right unit for your needs. When you go to purchase an upright vacuum cleaner some key points to look at are our vacuum cleaner weight, available attachments, bagged or bagless and of course quality.

Brands of vacuum cleaner

How in the world can a consumer decide what vacuum cleaner to buy with Eureka Forbes, Inalsa Spruce, Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner, AmazonBasics and so many more on the market? It may take some time for the person to buy a vacuum cleaner given that there are more than 30 brands to choose from in the market.

Considering the best vacuum cleaner

These are just some of the points you should consider when selecting a new vacuum cleaner. So if you are trying to choose the best vacuum cleaner among them, you need to keep a few things in mind. Even if you choose the most expensive model that doesn’t mean that you will get the best vacuum cleaner for every need that you have.

These are just some of the points you should consider when selecting a new vacuum cleaner. So if you are trying to choose the best vacuum cleaner among them, you need to keep a few things in mind. Even if you choose the most expensive model that doesn’t mean that you will get the best vacuum cleaner for every need that you have.

So have done all the research and brought some of and best vacuum cleaners for you.

1) Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner Gusto Pro

Whether it is an overstuffed storeroom, garage or your baby’s playroom, this multi-use vacuum cleaner will clean everything most effectively. Now cleaning the house isn’t tedious and boring at all!


  • Easy and hassel free cleaning: Cloth filter catches smallest of dust particles, The filter is easily washable and provides excellent filtration.
  • Dust bag full indicator: This feature lets you know that the vacuum cleaner is full with dust and helps you avoid overload conditions due to blockage
  • Compact: Carry your vacuum cleaner anywhere with you for easy cleaning.This lightweight vacuum cleaner weighs 1.9Kgs. It is compact in size and easy to store.
  • Great Blower: Gusto Pro has a powerful blower that ensures highest airflow in accordance with power so as to get best results. This blower cleans narrow, hard- to-reach areas with a lot of ease.
  • Performance: Equipped with powerful 1200W motor Gusto Pro delivers strong suction power and ensures long time operation


Comes with powerful suction with great (not just good), small size, and good looks. It’s a value for money, a powerful machine. The blower is not that powerful, & the front wheel is too small but overall this is a great product to buy in this price segment.

2) Agaro Galaxy 1000-Watts Dry Vacuum Cleaner

AGARO Galaxy 1000-Watts Dry Vacuum Cleaner with 19 kPa Suction Power, 3.5 litres dust Bag, Variable Power Settings (Black)


  • Powerful 1000W Motor, Strong 19 kPa suction
  • Reusable dust bag with 3.5 Litres capacity
  • 360 degree front swivel wheel for easily cleaning in any direction
  • Variable power setting to choose desired suction level
  • 5 Metres long power cord with automatic cord winder
  • Accessories: Main unit, hose pipe, telescopic metal tube, floor brush, 2-in-1 crevice nozzle
  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Effortless Cleaning: The 1000 Watt motor produces 19 kPa of suction pressure which ensures the removal of fine dust and dirt within minutes. This way, your house cleaning chores get done faster than ever.
  • Dust Bag:: The 3.5 liters capacity dust bag is made of cloth material which can be cleaned and reused for continued cleaning.
  • HEPA Filter: The HEPA filter effectively separates indoor contaminants and protects the motor from getting clogged. It also prevents the dust from being recirculated.
  • Adjustable Extension tubes: Easily reaches 10 feet high ceiling heights and cleans the toughest dirt.


Easy to use over both carpet and hard surfaces, as it has a good power level & comes with a compact design for easy storage. Only 2 types of Nozzles included, that’s very less, if you get it for below 3k, it’s value for money.

3) Inalsa Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner


Easy Push and Pull Locking System for emptying after use and filter cleaning.


  • Powerful Motor: Unlike most cleaning machines, its 1000W powerful & efficient motor cannot only provide high performance in cleaning but also maintain long life working.
  • Design For Safety: Safe Buoy Technology immediately stops sucking water when the storage capacity reached a critical point to protect the motor and ensure hassle-free long life work.
  • Easy To Clean: With a 4.0kg lightweight and easy carry handle, it can be easily taken up and down stairs even by women. In flat areas, 4 robust universal wheels move back and forth and follow right your direction.
  • Easy Lock & Unlock: Easy Push and Pull Locking System for emptying after use and filter cleaning.
  • Wet or dry, bagged or bagless – No matter it is dust, hair, daily waste, the device can clean the dirt perfectly. You don’t need to change filter during operation. Please take out the cloth dust filter and use sponge filter when sucking liquid
  • Blower function- The blower function is suitable for drying and cleaning of narrow and hard- to-reach indoor or outdoor areas. For effective blowing results, do not use any filter in vacuum cleaner. To hold a large amount of waste, this vacuum cleaner boasts a container capacity of 10 litres


Product is very good, must-have for all, dry and wet both kinds of things can be sucked, also have blower function, 10 litres is sufficient for mid-size house and offices, less noise, and there are so many arrangements which make it completed for everything. You will be quite satisfied with the performances. The wire is long and you need not change positions often which is appreciated. Also, the attachments can be rotated which helps in cleaning false ceilings etc. No such cons, so you can go for this product.

4) Agaro Rapid Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The cyclonic suction system accelerates air in the cyclonic chamber to separate out dust. Powerful swirling action maximizes airflow and performance for remarkable cleaning results.


  • Suitable for Wet & Dry Dual Operations. WiFi Connectivity : No
  • Large 10 Litres Dust Collection Jar
  • Powerful 1000W Motor I Strong 16.5 kPa Suction
  • Equipped with Blower Function
  • 360° Swivel wheel for easily cleaning in any direction
  • 6 Metres Long Power Cord
  • 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase
  • Includes: Vacuum cleaner, extension tube, hose, floor brush, crevice nozzle, multipurpose brush


A good vacuum cleaner with sufficient accessories and good suction power for general household cleaning. Decent capacity to hold dust and wet dirt. Easy to clean after use. We find it pretty good when it comes to value for money. The product material quality is overall plastic, however, thick and strong. You will be really impressed while using the product. The suction power is excellent. Also, the blower functionality is working fine. But the only thing is the suction is not good with attachment. Yes, Highly recommended product.

5) Eureka Forbes DX Vacuum Cleaner

The Quick Clean DX is a portable vacuum cleaner that’s suitable for deep cleaning furniture and dry surfaces indoors. It has a powerful suction that effectively removes deeply embedded dust and dirt from the furniture. This cleaner includes accessories that help you clean every corner of the house thoroughly. 


  • Reusable Dust Bag: 3 free reusable dut bags worth Rs 500.
  • 2 Ltr Capacity: Avoid cleaning dust bags in every use.
  • Compact: Modern & contemporary just like you.
  • Dust bag full indicator
  • Automatic Cord Winder: Easy to use and store.Voltage: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
  • Suction control on the handle to control the airflow; DIMENSIONS MM (WxDxH): 210 x 330 x 230
  • Comfortable Operation: Easy to use foot-operated power on-off and chord winder switch
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • The Forbes range of vacuum cleaners comes with a thermal cut-off mechanism that automatically switches off the device for the safety of our customers and product


Cheap, Lightweight & can be stored easily in any corner of your home because of its small size. It’s powerful, cute and flexible but it makes a huge noise. To reduce the size of the product they have installed a weak motor in it. It doesn’t suck the dirt at once. You will have to keep the nozzle over the dirt for 3-4 seconds to get it sucked inside. Even after adding the extension pipes, the suction pipe is not too long. I have to lift the unit in one hand while cleaning the roof corners.

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