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Top 5 Exhaust Fan For Bathroom 2022

Most people don’t pay much attention to bathroom exhaust fans until the boogers and cobwebs are hanging halfway down to the commode. When the fan gets plugged up, energy efficiency is lost and the exhausting power of the fan is reduced to almost nothing. The normally efficient fan motor heats up, wastes electricity, and applies unneeded expense to the power bill. If your bathroom exhaust fan cover looks like a Kansas dust bowl and the fan motor will no longer hold up a piece of toilet tissue, it’s time for a little preventive maintenance.

Basic Tip’s Before Buying Any Exhaust Fan

What is a bathroom exhaust fan?

Mounted in your bathroom ceiling or exterior wall, the bathroom exhaust is given the job of removing moist or awkwardly perfumed air from the room. If moist warm air remains in the room – the possible occurrence of mould and mildew is greatly increased. By removing the moist warm air produced by a shower or bath, the relative humidity is reduced as is the possibility of mould. And, of course, removing the awkwardly perfumed air from the bathroom simply allows the bathroom to be used by the next person sooner. May Interested – Top Microwave Under 5000

Can a ceiling fan earn the Energy Star Efficiency Rating?

Yes, ceiling exhaust fans are rated by the Energy Star program and can earn an Energy Star rating. As with any appliance, look for the Energy Star rating and then look further to see how efficient the appliance is within that rating. One Energy Star ceiling fan may be noticeably more efficient than another Energy Star rated fan.

1) Lifelong 200 mm Exhaust Fan for Home, Kitchen and Bathroom White

Lifelong Exhaust Fan

The Exhaust Fan is a trustworthy product that gives you great value for money. Ventilate the room and clear out the malodorous, stale air with our energy-efficient exhaust fan. We ensure you stay germ-proof. It has strongly been trusted by loyal users for over five years. With more than 100 innovative products, available in the category, no wonder millions of customers continue to choose Lifelong! Made for you, and made especially for your convenience.

Easy Installation

Install the Lifelong exhaust fan easily in bathrooms, AC cabins and conference rooms.


Made for Bathrooms, AC Cabins and Conference Rooms.

Best Exhaust Fan For Bathroom
Best Exhaust Fan For Bathroom

Compact Design; Made in India Plastic Body with Compact Design and Aesthetics – Ensures longevity of fan, Energy Efficient with Power Consumption of up to 22 Watts. High RPM – 1250, You May Like – Electric Kettle 

Pros & Cons

The exhaust fan is working absolutely fine. Fan blades are moving smoothly (not much sound). The item listed says white colour but ivory.

2) Luminous Vento Deluxe 200 mm Exhaust Fan 335X335mm, White

Blade Size

200mm; High Air Delivery Output: 490 CMH; Speed: 1350 RPM. Blade Material: PP (Poly Propylene); Aerodynamically designed blades ensure a faster speed of rotation.

Cut Out Size

Sq. 335X335mm, White; Power Consumption: 35 watts; Operating Voltage: 220V – 240V, Number of Blades: 5


Stylish design that matches spaces such as the kitchen and keeps your home cool.


Smooth noiseless operation, best to use in AC cabins & conference rooms

Included in the Box

Luminous Vento Deluxe 200mm, Warranty Card and an Installation guide

Product Details:
  1. Optimum performance even at low voltages
  2. A wider conical spread of breeze in all corners of a room
  3. Higher air delivery and lower temperature rise
  4. Crafted using high-quality raw materials
  5. Strong air suction to keep the air clean and fresh
  6. Blades designed for faster speed of rotation
  7. Rust-proof body
  8. Includes dust protection shutters
Pros And Cons

Good exhaust fan suitable for small kitchen and average bathroom sizes. The ventilator fan is effective in terms of design and functioning. Overall a good product.

3) V-Guard Clado 6 Exhaust Fan- white.

Blade Size

150mm; High Air Delivery Output: 250 CMH; Speed: 1350 RPM Cut-out Size – Sq 191 x 191 mm, White


Stylish design that matches spaces such as the kitchen and keeps your home cool


Aerodynamically designed blades ensure a faster speed of rotation

Power Consumption

30 watts; Operating Voltage: 220V – 240V, Number of Blades: 5


Smooth noiseless operation, best to use in AC cabins & conference rooms

Included in the Box

Warranty Card and an Installation guide Also, Check – Top Refrigerator

The Clado 6 exhaust fan promises durability & performance. It effectively eliminates smoke, heat and odour from the surroundings and it does so without any noise.

Pros & Cons

This exhaust has an abs blade, unlike others which gives you a plastic blade and has good suction power with very minimal noise. It is a bit noisy,

4) Bajaj Bahar 225 mm Exhaust Fan Metallic Grey


This fan is made up of a heavy strong metal body, which stretches its life span. To give it a more finished look, a coat of powder finish is applied, which thereby saves it from rust also.


Exhaust fans are made to shift air, and this fan is excellent in doing so, as it delivers the air at a rate of 600 CMH.


With a sweep size of 225 mm, this fan can blow the air out at a great speed of 1400 RPM.


This fan can also work at a low voltage rate of 42 W. Thus, it also saves energy.


Bajaj Bahar exhaust fan comes with a rust-proof metal body that not only provides it with longevity but also helps in managing an unobstructed performance.


These fans are easy to mount on the glass surface. For this purpose, these are made lightweight also.

Pros & Cons

Like this exhaust fan, the useful product noise level is low like airflow fan. Overall good, but suction power should be improved as per Price/Quality.

5) V-Guard Terano L9 Exhaust Fan Misty Grey

High Performance

1350 RPM Speed | 22.5 cm Sweep | 600 m³/hr Air Delivery | Power Consumption: 40 W | Aerodynamically Designed Blades Power Consumption 40 W

Suitable For Domestic Appliance

Wall & Window Mounting

Buil To Last

Strong CRCA Body | Powerful Copper Motor

Safe & Efficient

Maintenance Free Shaded Pole Motor | Enhanced Motor Life by Factory Set Lubrication| Bird Guard for Protection

The Terano L9 is a light-duty metal exhaust fan with a powder-coated finish. It comes with a 225 mm sweep size and delivers an RPM of 1350.

Pro & Cons

Easy to install and works silently Very nice fan with very low noise and keeps the kitchen free of smoke and smell.

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